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The company was incorporated on 19.02.1993 to carry on the business of manufacturing of bulk drugs viz. Omeprazole, Ciprofloxacin, Dichloroflurobenzene, Benzimadizole, etc., having its factory at Sadasivpet Medak District Hyderabad. The construction activities have started in the year 1994 and the commercial production of the company has started in 1996. During the Year 1995 the company went into public issue and the shares of the company have been Over-subscribed by 39.632 times. With full swing the company started its production and got a good market share for their products.

The Company is headed by Dr. S.K. Srihari Raju who is a NRI and also a Doctor by profession. He brings in his rich and varied experience of more than 25 years in the field of Medical Science to develop Products and enhance marketablity by focusing on Therapeutic areas which are of strategic importance and growth.

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The Company's Factory has a total area of 32 acres with 23 acres of green belt and 9 acres covered under buildings and roads. A massive plantation has been done in & around the process plants.There are totally 2000 plants and 2036 trees in the Company factory premises . These trees and plants include different varieties like Subabul, Neem, Gulmohar etc., Beautiful lawns between the buildings give a pleasant view for the unit that relieves the stress of the workers.
The Industry has a very good service facility for steam, cooling and power. It has a 6 tonne and a 2.3 tonne boiler for steam, 260 TR of cooling and generator of 895 KV Capacity.



Safety Systems


Safety in this industry is a major issue and hence all the equipment are specially designed with Rupture disks and solenoid valves are kept for the reactors undergoing exothermic and pressure reactions. Pressure and vacuum gauges are calibrated periodically. Ample space is provided between the reactors. Centrifuges are provided with limit switches. Pressure tests are done for the Reactors periodically. Reactor and jacket thickness tests are conducted regularly. All the equipments are earthed to avoid static electricity. The industry is also equipped with a good fire Hydrant System and fire extinguishers for each and every critical as well as production areas.

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